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Corporate Clinics

The Ultimate Clinic includes three instruction stations that maximize the time scheduled and also provide a personal feel to the students.

This clinic can benefit any level of golfer from total beginners to advanced, single-digit handicaps. It starts with a shuttle to the private Golf School driving range. There will be a Driving Station, an Iron Play Station, and a Pitching Station. At the conclusion of the clinic we gather for questions and answers followed by a formal closing and a group photo.

What Else Is Included?

  • Shuttle to and from our private driving range.

  • Sitting area for opening and closing presentations.

  • Covered stations.

  • Private setting with personal feel for students.

  • Group photo.

Custom Options For Your Clinic
  • Video for swing analysis and computer software review.

  • Personalized voice over swing instruction from your PGA Professional.

  • Catered food (hot or cold appetizers).

  • Beverage services with bartender.

  • Tent (table, chairs, easel, etc).

  • Microphone, Speakers, amplifier, etc....

  • Additional practice time at the private range.

Example Two-Hour Clinic Schedule

*Clinics can be done in 1 or 2 hours*

Two-Hour Clinic

  • Shuttle ride to Private Range (6 min).

  • Opening presentation (10 min).

  • Organize groups (5 min).

  • Station 1 (25 min).

  • Break/switch stations (5 min).

  • Station 2 (25 min).

  • Break/switch stations (5 min).

  • Station 3 (25 min).

  • Break (5 min).

  • Closing presentation (10 min).

  • Group Photo.

  • Shuttle back to the club house (6 min)

Please email if you have any questions or would like to schedule your Corporate Clinic.

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