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Three Day Golf School

This program is the ultimate playing and learning experience. The three-day school ensures multiple days on the golf course in addition to the private practice areas and allows for maximum retention of information. The purpose of the school is to get into far greater detail than any of the other golf schools we offer. As an example, you will learn about not simply getting out of the bunker, but when to use a 56 degree wedge versus a 60 degree wedge in the bunker and why. You will learn how to hit long bunker shots or short high bunker shots as opposed the basic technique
of getting out of the sand. The three-day school is the best program we offer for the highest value for your investment.


  • Custom before and after video with personalized drills
  • Stow Acres Golf School Workbook
  • Three 9 hole vouchers
  • 15 full hours of instruction (5 hours each day)
  • Continental breakfast and 30 minute lunch
  • Welcome to Stow Acres Golf Package
Available: Mon-Wed, June 6-8, June 20-22 and Aug 29-31
                   Fri - Sun, April 22-24, April 29 - May 1, May 13-15 and May 27-29
9:00AM to 2:30PM
Maximum Ratio: 5 to 1
Investment: $525.00

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