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One Day Short Game School


Short Game refers to golf shots required from 125 yards and or closer to the hole. Included in this golf school are full wedges, awkward distance wedge shots, pitching, chipping, bump and run, lob shots, cut lobs, and even flop shots. Students will develop distance references and fine tune that 50 yard shot, and finally be able to get out of the sand in one try! By taking the Short Game Golf School at Stow Acres, you’re guaranteed to have all the tools to lower your score.

  • Custom before and after video with personalized drills
  • Stow Acres Golf School Workbook
  • 9 hole voucher
  • 5 full hours of instruction
  • Continental breakfast and 30 min. lunch
  • Welcome to Stow Acres Golf Package
Available: Bi-Weekly on Fridays from mid April til end of season
9:00AM to 2:30PM
Maximum Ratio: 5 to 1
Investment: $249.00

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