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Corporate Clinics

$65 per person per hour
Minimum of 6 people

Description: The Ultimate Clinic includes three instruction stations that maximize the time scheduled and also provide a personal feel to the students. This clinic can have any level of golfer from total beginners to advanced single-digit handicaps. It all starts with a shuttle to the private end of the Golf School driving range. After the opening presentation from the Director of the Golf School, the clinic will cover three main aspects of teaching. There will be an Elimination Station, a Pitching Station, and a Full Swing Station. In the Elimination Station clubs are placed on the ground and the instructors go through a series of body movements without clubs. The focus is on the body movements during a golf swing. By eliminating the additional layers of the golf swing we can get to the core of the golf swing and make immediate progress. This method is a major aspect of our golf school curriculum and a favorite of our students! In the pitching Station we define the impact area of the golf swing which is absolutely the most important aspect of any golf swing. Lastly, we move to the Full Swing Station where students get to utilize and practice what they learn in the other two stations of the clinic and see results. At the conclusion of the clinic we gather for questions and answers followed by a formal closing and a group photo.

  • Shuttle to and from Private Driving Range
  • Sitting area for opening and closing presentations
  • Cover long game (Full Swing Station), short game (Pitching Station), and body movements (Elimination Station).
  • Private setting with personal feel for students
  • 6 to 1 ratio
  • Group photo

Custom options for your clinic: Addtional fees apply and are TBD

  • Video for swing analysis and computer software review
  • Personalized voice over swing instruction from your PGA Professional
  • Catered food (hot or cold appetizers), beverage services with bartender
  • Tent (table, chairs, easel, etc)
  • Microphone, Speakers, amplifier, etc...
  • Additional practice time at the private range

This clinic can be done in either a one hour or two hour format:

Two Hour Format Example:

  • Shuttle ride to Private Range (6 min)
  • Opening (10 min)
  • Organize groups (5 min)
  • Station 1 (25 min)
  • Break / switch stations (5 min)
  • Station 2 (25 min)
  • Break / switch stations (5 min)
  • Station 3 (25 min)
  • Break (5 min)
  • Closing presentation (10 min)
  • Group Photo
  • Shuttle ride back to club house (6 min)

Total approximately 120 minutes

Please select the email link below if you have any questions or would like to schedule a Corporate Clinic

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